At 8 yrs of age, Teresa was brought to Auckland from Timor Leste to have a major malfunction of her heart repaired. To download a PDF of her story, please right click the link and choose 'Save as.' Or you can read the whole story in the Auckland North Shore Times here. See Teresa before and … [Read more...]


Martin Before Martin came to Auckland early in the New Year from the small island of Bougainville in Papua New Guinea. He and his mother Linda travelled by truck over bumpy dirt roads to the ferry terminal, by banana boat to Buka Island, by plane from Buka Town to Port Moresby before boarding … [Read more...]

Project Varyame

Project Varyame  Varyame Before At the age of only 6 months, Varayame underwent surgery in Fiji to drain a boil on his back.  The infection was never fully drained.Over the next two weeks, his feet turned in and became deformed.  Later, he developed weeping sores over his limbs and was left … [Read more...]